Love and Back

Eyes meet,

a lovers pace,

lives collide

without a trace,


hearts embrace.

Then sun and moon,

and sun again,

dip and soar

a turning spin,

around the wheel

the games begin.

Change of name,

then change of heart,

ugly truths and torn-aparts,

sinking, dying,

wanting more,

in this mess

of keeping score.

Then fervent,


desperate climb,

the heavy hearted

keeping time.

Mirrored lessons

hand in hand,

where they started,

will they stand. 

Dusting dirt

off eyes of pain,

with something more

now something gained.

tattered lives

yet love remains.


~Written by Tonya Partain

This poem was inspired by my husbands affair. It’s also a look at the circle that our love has taken. From young lovers, to marriage, to pain and eventual victory. And I say victory because surviving an affair felt like a war. On the other side now, I can look back over the those hard months and see just how low we had gotten, and just how far we have come. To God be the Glory for the complete healing and restoration of my marriage. 

~Photographer unknown


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