My mind takes me to hidden places,
Places far away.

Noise escapes, pains erase, your world dissolves.

I open my inner eyes to take in my sanctuary.

Breezes dance in my hair,

a single ray of warmth kisses my face.

Peaceful contentment saturates my entire existence.

I am here under a supple tree,

that seems to be bowed to accommodate my every vertebrae.

It shelters me, it protects me, in its loving grip.

As though it’s a part of me,

As though it is nurturing me,
from all the hell damage the world has done.

My thought fades into oblivion,
I adsorb the peace that I’ve escaped to.

A dense, serene forest unfolds before me.

I dance to the music that nature provides,

Swaying with every up note,

bending with every down note.

I melt into the music,

I am the rhythm.

My spirit sings along.

Every inch of this peace excepts me,

loves me,

wants me.

I don’t want to return to the relentless world outside,

yet, in the distant air I hear my name.

The walls melt and floods of chaos awaken me.

Reality in all its fury engulfs my being.

The noises, the voices,

the unpleasantness of it all.

I am slung back into the reality of your world,

and I weep in the invisible places of my heart.

~Written by: Tonya Partain 

~Photographer unknown


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