Deafening silence

The silence of your desperate cries,

echo inside my ears.

Shirt collar stained with the salt,

of your invisible tears.

Mouth drawn and muted,

the agony retained.

No one ever hears you ,

but your tortured just the same.

My heart breaks to see,

what is written on your face.

The anguish that still lingers,

and time does not erase.

Deeply affected ,

by what my heart can hear you say.

The words you do not scream,

I can hear them anyway.

A spirit with out a voice,

a tear with out a cry,

a tightened twisted body,

a language with out a sigh.

Your silence is deafening,

I can feel it in my soul.

The prison that you live in,

a life without control.

You have written an unseen novel,

in the pages of my mind.

The things you never told me,

will be the easiest to find.

Their etched inside my memory,

and embellished on my heart.

The words I never heard from you,

Will be the ones that never part.

~Written by: Tonya Partain

This poem was dedicated to the special needs children that I worked with as a teaching assistant  in a residential facility especially for children with severe disabilities. They touched my soul in a way that only they could. 

~Photographer unknown


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