Mourner’s March

Beat, sigh,

beat, droop,

fluid motion, misery.

Hope wrent,

missing still,

aching, contradictory.

Burden deep,

strangle strong,

steady foot,

trodding long.

Shadows call,

glances drift,

mournful consideration,


Frayed thread,

loosened grip,

damning circumstance, display.

Foot, drag,

foot, pull,

anguish marching, straight away.

~Written by: Tonya Partain 

This poem was birthed out of utter grief. After the loss of a loved one, I wrestled with the strength to go on, and yet the world pressured me to. They’d say, “death is just a natural part of life.” But this death felt like the most unnatural thing I had ever experienced…and yet I had to get up everyday and do life as though nothing had ever happened. I was angry. 

~Photographer unknown


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