Inner-self seeped out of my skin in search of a reflection.

In sheer white, she pressed through the crowd,

eager to find another.

Life personified, in luminosity so loud,

it saturates her being like fibers of tendril. 

She longs to display her colors in a black-and-white world,

but no one really talks anymore,

and no one cares to see them.

Words of artistry dance through her whimsical heart.

Rust and decay tried to bar them away,

with the splendor oh her child-like charm.

The over-growth of  solitude has fueled her escape,

and pursuit of a kindred sparkle.

All at once there’s a trace in a muted puddle

left by the dulling footprint of life force.

she chases along the seeds of anticipation

and spies a drip dry shadow sunken low to the ground.

She picks it up by its corners and shakes it out like a sheet,

and is in awe of what she has found.

They hold out their mystery.

I’ll show you mine,

if you show me yours.

At last,


~Written by Tonya Partain

~Photographer unknown


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