Tied my finger to the string of a heart-shaped balloon and floated over the trees.

A skit tat-a-tat bomb boodle mack dee…that’s the music, that’s the music in me.

Rode a rainbow to a meadow and lay in a sea of soft clover.

Blew the head off a dandelion nearly two city streets over.

Set sail in an upside down umbrella wearing stripped trouser socks.

Directed 5:00 o’clock traffic with the ornate hands of an old coo-coo clock.

Left my mark in the sky like a fast moving sparkler on the 4th of July,

And my cares in the stares of the people passing by.

Defied the laws of physics with a flip of the wrist.

Made my way through the world with a wink and a twist.

Changing direction like the compass of a captain who is lost at sea.

Hum along won’t you…That’s the music in me.

~Written by Tonya Partain

~Photographer Unknown 


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