Small town girl,

feet planted firmly


the ground.

Rooted so strongly,

there’s no getting around.

The fact that she’s stuck here

in a regretful ache.

How she longs to feel

her whole earth quake.

So careful and cautious

that she haven’t a clue.

In her tidy little world

Spontaneity is

certainly overdue.

She can see the lives of others

and they seem so majestic.

And then there’s hers,

so sterile and plastic.

She’s the girl she thinks

she’s suppose to be.

But what if that girl,

Really isn’t me.

I talk in third party,

As not to get caught.

When I really shouldn’t care

what all of you thought.

In this,

lies the true problem indeed.

I shut out

my wants,

my pleasures,

my needs.

If I want to feel the wind in my face,

Or get lost on the road that leads to no place;

Crank up the tunes and murder a song,

Or lay in the grass all the day long.

Just being by myself,

Sometimes feels like a sin.

Those times when I don’t want

to let anyone in…

On the joke, my thoughts,

my schemes, my plots.

You see,

I’m not just a mother, a sister, a friend.

And I’m getting really tired of

playing pretend.

I just want to be me ,

and let that be ok.


I am who I

should always portray.

Written by: Tonya Partain

I wrote this in my 20’s, that was some time ago. Funny, it’s still relevant.

Photographer Unknown



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